Which mail to send to upstream ?

We think we can't establish a template mail since it would be either useless or very (impossible ?) to write, because many things change from a project to another (maintaining status, last activity, ...).

However, since you'll have to introduce the NewHope project in your email, you can use the following presentation template.

The purpose of the NewHope project is to adopt minimal maintenance of useful OCaml libraries which aren't maintained anymore by their original authors. A group of OCaml developers this way helps providing useful libraries with up-to-date functionnalities (in case of bindings of C libraries for example) and patches for bug fixing that original authors had not time to do. The NewHope project is hosted on the OCamlCore forge at http://newhope.forge.ocamlcore.org/ and a FAQ can be found at [THIS PAGE].

How can one consider that a library is orphaned or unmaintained ?

First, the license of the project must be compatible with taking maintainership of the project. Then, the explicit agreement of original maintainers/developers of the library is the best criterion. Otherwise, if no upstream reaction during the 3 or 4 weeks following the emailing, the library can be considered orphaned/unmaintained. Moreover, if a lot of patching is needed to make the library compatible with the current version of OCaml (imagine it was developed for 3.05 whereas we are under 3.11 now), we can consider providing patches without taking maintainership of the library.

What is the scope of NewHope ?

Provide patch to upstream and if possible/suitable, taking the maintainership of the project with a little team around, or at least make the library up-to-date w.r.t the current OCaml version, and bugfree of course.

On which criterion do we have to end up abandonning a library ?

What is the repository layout ?

We plan to use git submodule with one repository per orphaned project.

Any comments/suggestions are welcome.